Take Your Own Advice

So I’m standing in line at a local resturant that has recently made the conversion from a KFC only establishment to a KFC and Taco Bell combination.  In front of me, a young african-american man was dutifully trying to help a hispanic family with their order.  He was making the additional effort of asking them what sides they wanted by listing off some of the options in Spanish. 

When he was done the father of this family in broken english said ” keeping trying . .  .the more you speak Spanish the easier it gets”.

Seriously .  . .did you just say that?  I think you are exactly right and it stands as the exact reason why you should be forced to conduct business in english.  Government and Corporate entities are doing hispancs a disservice by spelling everything out in both English and Spanish.  It does nothing but add additional cost and overhead to business processes and delay your assimilation into the fabric of American culture.


Speak English

Speak English

If these organizations set the standard, or by God the government, established a English standard it would help these people better integrate into society.  We understand that it takes a while to learn but . . .. 


The More You Speak English The Easier it Gets!!!!


1 Response to “Take Your Own Advice”

  1. 1 Stuart October 17, 2008 at 11:35 am

    your first problem was visiting a KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant 🙂

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