I don’t know what’s wrong . . . but take this!

Doctor:  “I don’t know what’s causing these symptoms, but I’d like you to take this.  It will make you better”

Patient:  “OOOOKKKKK, what is this medicine for?

Doctor:  “Well I’ve always thought that this would be good for people to take.  It should fix what’s wrong with you.”

Patient:  “What is wrong with me?”

Doctor:  “I don’t know.  But take this . .. . you can trust me . . .I’m a Doctor”

Would any of us accept this prescription from a physician?  I don’t think so.   No, if we have a problem we typically try to understand what is causing the problem and address the cause of the issue.  In fact, in medicine we spend a great deal of time and money trying to get at the root cause of problems.  Only once we’ve identified the root cause, can we then get a diagnosis, and only then can we embark on a proper treatment.

Why then are we in such a hurry to pass a $900 Billion “Stimulus” Package without identifying the root cause of the problem it is supposed to address?  Logically it follows without identifying the cause of the problem that this package could exacerbate the problem as much as it could help?

We are talking about passing a Spending Bill that will require the Treasury to Borrow $900 Billion dollars (mostly from the Chinese) and then spend it, with the expectation that spending more than all but 11 National Economies will restart ours.  And we are not talking about HOW we got here. 

It was easy for Democrats on the campaign trail to PIN this on the Bush Administration.  Well, having made such claims, I expect they can now tell us exactly what policies or mistakes the Bush Administration made and how this Package will address those problems . . .right?  No?  Well why not?

Why would the Congress with overwhelming Democratic control not turn a critical eye to the past and point out the previous administrations warts and scars for all to see?  Are they too busy delaying the rollout of Digital TV Broadcasting, debating the credibility of tax cheats and lobbyists, and setting the salaries of CEO’s?  Or could it possibility be that even a rudimentary analysis of this crisis would implicate them and their policies?


1 Response to “I don’t know what’s wrong . . . but take this!”

  1. 1 FanOfTheConstitution February 13, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Agreed. Treating the symptoms instead of the cause is the surest way for a crisis to continue/grow…which is exactly what some in our government and the White House want. That way they can continue to “come to our rescue!”

    This bill is ineffective, misplaced, hurried and unconstitutional. Why else are they in such a hurry to get it through? Are we really going to be that much worse off if we scrutinize and debate this bill for one more week? The simple answer is NO.

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