Embrace the Top 10

So I saw this article by NPR on why we love lists and I just could not help it – I automatically thought of making a list of my favorite Top Ten lists from Letterman.

So here ya’ go.

10. Top Ten Reasons Hillary Won’t Be Invited Back to Sesame Street

09. Top Ten Punchlines to Dirty Irish Jokes

08. Top Ten Signs You’re Not the Sexiest Man Alive

07. Top Ten Signs Your Car Should Be Recalled

06. Top Ten Signs Your Dog Hates You

05. Top Ten Signs Your Boss Is Drunk

04. Top Ten Least Popular Stripper Names

03. Top Ten Signs You’re Being Robbed By a Dumb Guy

02. Top Ten Good Things About Having Shingles

And the #1 Top 10 List is…..

Top Ten Signs You’re Not The Most Popular Guy In Your High School
presented by Napoleon Dynamite


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