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Michael Crichton R.I.P.

Michael Crichton passed away yesterday.
He was a remarkable author and producer. His body of work is extraordinary.


New Talent: Rookie of the Year Race

The upcoming NFL season has a good crop of young talent going for the NFL Rookie of the Year. Last year we all saw Adrian Peterson run away with it – and this year it may be another running back. There is a solid class of rookies that could compete for the title. The odds-makers are dubbing Darren McFadden as the front runner.

In the theater, there is also a new crop of talent making their way to the screens. There are a number of great – and awful – looking movies coming out this fall. We’ve done the leg work for you and found the truly important information on these new films – the actresses with true ‘talent’ that you might not have seen before.

We could have looked at these two topics separately – but that’s just not the 8 Donkeys way. So here is a look at the top NFL Rookies with a shot at the NFL ROTY and the new talent in the fall movie lineup.

Match Up #1:

Darren McFadden (OAK): The favorite according to the odds makers. If Oakland gets him the ball enough he could be the man – but don’t expect Justin Fargas to disappear. Competing with a true #1 back in Fargas could seriously limit his touches – especially early in the season.

Gillian Jacobs (“Choke”): A strong contender with a part in the new Sam Rockwell movie “Choke“. If you have not checked out the trailer for this one – it’s based on a novel by the same guy that wrote “Fight Club” – give it a look.

Match Up #2:

Felix Jones (DAL): The Cowboys passed on Mendenhall for Jones – to pair him with their bruiser Marion Barber. He’s looked good in pre-season so far – and his break away speed could give him some high-light reel material for his ROTY campaign.

Jennifer Sipes (“W.“): The movie looks like another awful Oliver Stone fantasy world interpretation of reality – but we’re willing to forget that to scout this new actress.

Match Up #3:

Glenn Dorsey (KC): A D-tackle is going to have to dominate games and rack up sacks to win this award – and on that awful Kansas City team I just can’t see that happening.

Gemma Arterton (“Quantum of Solace“): Bond flicks always bring the talent – and the new Quantum of Solace is no different.

Match Up #4:

Chris Long (STL): Long faces the same test as the other rookie D-lineman in garnering the big plays he will need to be considered. But more then that I’m still not sold his speed will translate to the pro-game in the dominating fashion the Rams are hoping for. He will be a distant never-really-in-it for the ROTY in ’08.

Michelle Monaghan (“Eagle Eye“): Another in the seemingly never-ending parade of Shia LaBeouf movies – damned if I know if Eagle Eye will be any good – but I’m willing to go out on a limb a say Michelle has serious talent. Ok so its not like its a small limb.

Match Up #5:

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) : DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Nick Goings, and LaBrandon Toefield – who are you gonna bet on emerging from that backfield? I give this guy a serious shot. And for once – Carolina is flying kind of under the radar – they could be better then expected and help his chances.

Haley Bennett (“Marley & Me“): This may be Aniston‘s movie – but this talented young player will be seriously challenging for playing time in our book with the Hall of Fame veteran.

Match Up #6:

Matt Ryan (ATL): A new quarterback era begins in Hotlanta. Ryan certainly looks like he has the goods. But the only two rookie QB’s to take ROTY Roethlisberger and Young – were special situations – one on an already great team and the other a running stud. I can’t see Atlanta being good enough to help him in his ROTY campaign.

Teresa Palmer (“Bedtime Stories“): Sandler in a family comedy? No thanks. But we will spend a draft pick on Teresa. A high draft pick. Who are we kidding…we’ll pull a Ditka and give you all of ’em.

Match Up #7:

Kevin Smith (DET): This is our long shot pick. Smith is very very good. His speed on that Detroit turf will be something to watch. If the Lions can find any kind of passing game to stretch the field – this guy could go nuts.

Ashley Green (“Twilight“): The movie looks, uh lets be kind, okay. But the talent this player brings to it could make it worth sitting through.

Buddy Lee’s Top 10 List of the Hottest Actresses in their 30’s

In honor of it being a fine August evening, I felt the need to put together my top 10 list of the hottest actresses in their 30’s.  Not to mention it’s pouring down rain as the remnants of Fay makes its way up the coast and there is nothing better to do at the moment (which reminds me — Man Law #69: No man shall ever, under any circumstance, share an umbrella with another man).  They are in no particular order at all.  It took enough time to get the list to just 10, to then rank the final 10 forget it. 

I am sure not everybody will agree with my list, that’s fine.  If you don’t agree then man-up and post a comment with your thoughts.  The list does not take into account any acting skills or particular movie roles (ok, that’s not entirely true Jennifer Connelly makes the list solely on her role in Career Opportunities).  So without further ado, here they are:

1.  Rachel McAdams (age: 32)

2.  Cameron Diaz ( age: 36)

3.  Amanda Peet (age: 36)

4.  Jennifer Connelly (age: 38)

5.  Kate Beckinsale (age: 35)

6.  Eva Mendes (age: 34)

7.  Denise Richards (age: 37)

8.  Shannon Elizabeth (age: 35)

9.  Rebecca Romijn (age: 36)

10. Charlize Theron (age: 33)

Top 10 Baseball Movies Worth an Instant Replay

Major League Baseball announced that they will begin using instant replay in games starting Thursday. In honor of this historic shift in the way baseball will be called – we are taking a look at the Top 10 Baseball Movies of All Time – all worthy of another look.

So here they are – the Top 10 Baseball Movies of All Time:

1. Bad News Bears: Argue if you want – but I’ll just send Tanner over to whip your ass.

2. Bull Durham: “You just got lesson number one: don’t think; it can only hurt the ball club.”

3. Field of Dreams: “I’m going to beat you with a crowbar until you leave.”

4. The Sandlot: “You’re killing me Smalls!”

5. The Natural: Come on – we all know the home run scene.

6. Major League: “Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum. Is very bad. ”

7. Eight Men Out: Just an all around good baseball flick.

8. Pride of the Yankees: Simply a classic.

9. Little Big League: “Takes me 3 hours to paint a house – takes you 5. How long to do it together?” “What color paint?”

10. 61*: A really good movie – just skip the last few minutes when Mark McGwire intrudes.

Honorable Mentions:

Summer Catch: For obvious reasons.

Rookie of the Year: “I think those tendons have healed – a little, a little tight.”

For Love of the Game: We just couldn’t have Costner in the Top 10 three times.

The Rookie: Best use of a roadside radar sign in a movie award.

Top 10 College Comedy Movies of All Time

Top 10 College Comedy Movies of All Time

In honor of the 2009 Top College Rankings here is the definitive list of the Top 10 College Comedy Movies of all time.

Definitive you say?

Yeah – I say.

So there.

1. Animal House

2. Old School

3. Real Genius

4. PCU

5. Back to School

6. Revenge of the Nerds

7. Fandango

8. Van Wilder

9. Road Trip

10. Loser

Honorable Mentions (some because they’re so bad – they’re good):


Dead Man on Campus

Horse Feathers

How I Got Into College

Johnny Be Good

Making the Grade

Spring Break