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Sgt. Crowley Should Stay Home!

We are now at the eve of the great “Picnic Table Summit”.  No doubt right now Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley are now preparing for their trip to the White House. 

Pick Out The Racist in this Picture

Pick Out The Racist in this Picture

Let me give you a little sneak preview of what’s going to happen and why Sgt. Crowley should stay home.

Professor Gates will arrive at the White House first, due to his long standing relationship with the President.  He will pose for photos with the President as they laugh about the fast one they are about to pull on America and the officer himself.  Sgt. Crowley will arrive afterward wearing a suit and not his police uniform because that would be too inflammatory.  We don’t want to upset the venerable Dr. Gates after all.  In fact, Sgt. Crowley has now doubt been instructed not to be seen in his uniform tomorrow.

They will stop and pose for pictures with the press corps and then wonder over to the famed picnic table, that Father Obama had installed next to his children’s swing-set. 

President Obama will waive his hands so the press looking out the window can see him “making a point”.

Afterwards, despite the fact that racial profiling had NOTHING to do with the case,  with Crowley to his left the President will make a short statement talking about the dangers of racial profiling and how he’s experienced it himself, how he fought racial profiling while he was a state senator.

Despite the fact that racial profiling had NOTHING to do with the case, our great Papa Obama will use this “teachable moment” to reassert the ills of the retched practice.  And Sgt. Crowley WILL be made to look guilty when he has done nothing wrong.  Ohh I guess he might push the President out of the way and be like ” what the Hell!” but the likelihood of that happening is exactly zero.  And the press wouldn’t do their job, even if they were given an opportunity to ask unscripted questions and weren’t pre-authorized.

Despite the fact that racial profiling had NOTHING to do with the case, Obama will save face by using this opportunity to to address this horrible practice but will do it at the wrong time and certainly for the wrong reasons.  With a single speech about racial profiling (which didn’t occur) Papa Obamawill immediately save face for weighing in too early when he knew none of the facts and exonerate his friend from the ridiculous manner in which he conducted himself.  Mark my words Papa Obama will not say “Sgt Crowley was not racially profiling Gates when he made the arrest”, because to do so would be to publicly convict his friend and fellow academic.

Despite the fact that racial profiling had NOTHING to do with the case, the press will lap it up, like the Obama Stenographers they have turned out to be.  Suddenly Professor Gates behavior as documented in this police report and ccorroborated by other African-American Officers who were at the scene, will no longer be the story.  Instead it WILL become a story about racial profiling because the president and his guilty-racist friend have made it one.  And Sgt. Crowley will be the cover boy.

Police officers leave their homes, their spouses, and their children every single day to protect the people they work for and some don’t know that they won’t be coming home.  When Sgt. Crowley responded to the burglary in progress call he didn’t ask if the home was owned by a black man or a white man.  The fact is he went to the scene and confronted the very first person he saw in the property, not knowing if he had a gun or was going to harm him or someone else.

It is tragic that in that same type of scene every single day a police officer dies in the line of duty.   Yet their actions can be so easily second guessed and their motivations distorted.

What is the chance that Obama turns to his friend and says ” You were out of line!  This fine officer did nothing wrong.”  None.  The only possible outcome of this meeting is that Sgt. Crowley will be stained with the stench of racial profiling not by arresting a racist but by agreeing to be rolled out for the dog and pony with him afterwards.

Sgt. Crowley  Stay Home.  I’ll send you a 12 pack to your house if you’d like a beer.  You could have a far more positive influence if you didn’t show up for this mockery.  You still won’t get your apology.


Hope != Change, A Final Look At Obama and McCain

Hope Does Not Equal Change

In this series we have taken a second look at Barack Obama and I beleive have found that a sympathetic press has truely protected him and his ideas from scrutiny. It’s been an organized effort that now culminates in an attempt to dissuade Republicans from even voting. But in Part IV – A New Hope we found that when his ideas, and that of if Democratic supporters, are exposed, the truth (with the help of a lightsaber) burns through his rehtoric and his true intentions are revealed.

Now I want to address the heart of his campaign . . . . the hope for change.

Barack Obama has created a tidal wave of expectations that now cresendo to a level no lower than changing the world. He stokes the buring desires of people who are truely hurting with the promise that he can fix what ails them. He can fix the Economy, he can fix Health Care, he can fix the Environment, and he can even bring peace to a world at war. He has successfully gotten millions of people to support him by addressing NOT the problems themselves but by simply appealling to Americans natural capcity to beleive that the future could be better. To hope that someone new may bring something different. He has so convincingly made Hope his unofficial trademark that anyone attempting to challenge him is labeled mean-spirited or unbalanced (come on who can be against Hope???).

We all hope that things will be better, that the poor will become successful, that the sick will be healed, that our children can go to college, that our Economy will stablize, that those who want to work will find it, and that we as a people can put our differences aside. But Hope is not enough!

Hope is not enough because Hope and Change ARE NOT THE SAME! In fact, they are opposites. Hope means to internally desire something . . . Change on the other hand is an action that requires us to do something.

Hope Will NOT Help The Poor!

Hope Will NOT Heal The Sick!

Hope Will NOT Educate Our Children!

Hope Will Not “Fix Our Economy!

Hopw Will NOT Clean Our Environment!

These problems require action. If these problems are to change they require that we DO something, that we Change something. In his professional career Barack Obama has not DONE a single thing to fix any of these problems. If you beleive that his experience meets the level necessary to be the President of the United States, than why has he NOT already made headway is trying to fix even one of these problems? There is no legislation he has introduced to address any of these issues, instead he has appealled to our Hope. Notice I said our Hope. This is not something that Obama has given to us . . . its something we’ve always had. Some had just forgotten how to express it.

John McCain, unlike Barack Obama, has an extensive history of actively seeking change to address our problems. Of reaching across the aisle to Democrats and Republicans (hell we thought of him as a Democrat half the time) to create solutions to problems. He has worked to bring about Change . . . not Hoped that Change would occur. That experience and that Demonstration of a willingness to break with the pack is the reason John McCain is the better candidate for President. And that is the reason he will get my vote tomorrow.

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Obama, “My Muslim Faith”

Sometime this morning the smell of raw meat wafted past my keyboard.  At the time I knew there was something in the air but I couldn’t identify it . . . . .then this slow lumbering softball came creeping toward the batters box.

By the time I got this pitch there were already right wing bloggers saying this was the smoking gun.  He admitted it.  He’s a MUSLIM  We told you . . . blah blah blah.  Especially if you shorten it down to just him saying. “My Muslim Faith”.  And I’m sure that I’ll hear it on Rush and Sean tomorrow.

I’ve got a message for my brothers and sisters on the right.  This is our chance to do the right thing.  I understand that you want to hit the Obama Nation with this because of  the cowardly and despicable writings on Sarah Palin.  You, like me, heard this and your instinct was to pick up this weapon of opportunity and hit them with it screaming “And this is for Bristol!!!”  

I want you to resist.  I want you to be the bigger man, or woman.  First, even if he was Muslim (which he is not) it shouldn’t make a difference AND if you were watching This Week this morning you know what he was trying to say.  He actually was trying to pay Big Mac a compliment for not playing the ridiculous Muslim card.  Remember that was Hillary!

Clinton Campaign Handout

Clinton Campaign Handout

If you truly want to stand up to the LIES the left wing bloggers are spewing on the electoral battlefield the best way to do it is not spread more lies but to expose their vitriol the the intense heat of research and fact.

As soon as Obama clinched the nomination I knew this battle would be fought in the blogisphere.  The Internet revolution has devolved campaigns from a battle of ideas held in the public arena to one held in a pietri dish full of crap.  We’ve already seen people make stuff up, atribute it to someone else and then copy it into the COMMENTS on a newspaper website, where it might then be refereced as NEWS.  And leftists can then say “well it was on a newspapers website”

These are the tactics of the left.  They have used it on each other.  We are above this and don’t have to engage them at that level.

Where we can  . . . .we should avoid adding to the crap  . . . . otherwise we cannot complain about what the Left and their friends in the media are doing.

I found something that embodies the type of dialog I want to have  . . . .from of all people Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.