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End of the World Party

Where will you be on September 10, 2008?

On that day in Geneva, Switzerland something will happen.

Something big.

REALLY big! <dramatic music>

So big it may cause THE END OF THE WORLD!!

Or not. But it is a really cool thingamajig.

That’s the technical term for it of course. Laymen refer to it as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

“Who care’s?” you say?

Well some people do:

“Critics of the LHC say the high-energy experiment might create a mini black hole that could expand to dangerous, Earth-eating proportions.”

8 Donkeys: Come again? A black hole in Switzerland? This isn’t some bad Tom Cruise movie is it?


8 Donkeys: Um. Wait…wait…start over. This thingamajig could cause the end of the world?

CERN: Not really.

8 Donkeys: You sure?

CERN: Well in science we can’t be 100% sure – but…

8 Donkeys: Hold it! So the world really COULD end on September 10th?

CERN: Well…

8 Donkeys: WAIT! Thats in Switzerland – when will it be day there? Like the middle of the night here in the U.S.?

CERN: The time difference is…


CERN: Really we’re not concerned.

8 Donkeys: That’s because you guys spend all your time in a lab playing with your quarks! We would miss football season!!

CERN: Even if a blackhole did appear – it would disappear almost instantly.

8 Donkeys: “Almost”?! Since when did world-ending science become a game of horse shoes!?

CERN: Now really there is no cause for concern…

8 Donkeys: (runs screaming from the room to find the nearest brewery)

Enjoy this weekend people
– it could be your last.

*Disclaimer: The world really is not going to end on the 10th – as far as we know. All CERN participants were impersonated. Obviously.