It’s not whether you win or lose – it’s how MONEY your tailgate is…

Let’s face it, prices inside every sporting event stadium have gotten outrageous. It now costs a small fortune to feed a family of one, two, or four at your favorite sporting event … that’s why us frugal American’s invented TAILGATING!!!

In order to tailgate effectively you need to ensure that you arrive at the location a few hours before the actual event takes place, you need a grill, food, and a tasty beverage to two. Nothing will crown you the “worst tailgate of the parking lot” than breaking out your Subway sub and eating it on your car’s trunk (sorry Jared).

When planning tailgate events, plan your menu around the team your favorite team is playing – this makes it fun to plan, and ensures you aren’t eating burgers/dogs every weekend. You should definitely bring a grill (I like the Grill2Go), and make sure you have plenty of food to go around (you can always pack left overs in the cooler for lunch the next day).

Here is my menu for the Redskins vs Saints game this past Sunday – it was a record 90+ degree day at FedExField but the combination of a great tailgate and a Redskins victory made it a perfect day. Please feel free to share your favorite tailgate recipies, or recipies specific to your city/team:

Spicy red beans and rice cheese dip

Veggie Jambalaya
PO’Boy sandwiches (shrimp/roast beef and veggie)


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